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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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15-30 mph which continueueto usher in more and more arctic air. light snow is likely late saturday mainly along and south of highway 20. accumulations will be light, but it will blow around and that can cause some slick travel with reduced of time. the coldest air arrives on sunday and monday when wind chill values will hover between -30 to 40 at times. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 6-12 winds: nw 15-25tomorrow: chance high: 6-12 winds: nw 10-20 bruce and beth... presidential candidates seem to be all over the place here in iowa as weweet
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february first. just this week, republicans jeb bush, mike huckabee, rick santorum, and donald trump have campaigned in eastern iowa. and democrats hillary clintonon and martin o'malley have also been here. but almost every time a candidate visits, it can put an added strain on local law enforcement. police departments often staff candidate events to make sure the public and the candidate are safe. as kcrg-tv9's iowa city bureau chief mark carlson reports, the candidate visits can challenge local departments' resources. "over the course of the next couple of weeks many candidates will be stopping through iowa city, and beyond. just next week hillary clinton will be here and the week after so too will donald trump -- two candidates that require lots of security." "we have to maintain our current staffing levels for the streets and the neighborhoods. " for the iowa city police department that means they have to call in extra officers -- who are paid overtime to protect a candidate and the public. but that money isn't necessarily coming from the taxpayer... police departments can bill the candidate for their hours.
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even put t tether a price quote and send it to the campaign before the candidate is even on campus. "we require the campaigns to pay us, we don't charge the iowa tax payers or the general fund of the university, we require payment for political candidates. " some police departments don't have the resources the candidates need, like bomb sniffing dogs. the university iowa has two such dogs, and they often travel to events to assist with security -- last month one of the dogs went all the way to keota to help with security at this hillary clinton event. "the secret service does know we exist, they ask for assistance quite often withthll these visits around here. " while police say it can be a challenge to staff so many events. the bottom line is -- it's part of living in iowa. "it certainly obviously creates a little more work for us, but it's one of the unique things about being a police officer in the city of iowa city because it is a destination city within the state of iowa during the election season. " in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg
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earlier today, democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley was at indian creek nature center in cedar rapids. he was part of a clean water roundtable with iowa advocates. while he was there, he criticized iowa governor terry branstad's proposal to divert part of a one-cent sales tax designed for school improvements to water quality projects. "we have to do both of these things at the same time. we have to do several things at the same time. the notion that you could fund your schools or clean up your water is false. " the former maryland governor went on to discuss in detail how his administration cleaned up lakes, rivers and bays during his enure. former president bill clinton is scheduled to appear at a coralville junior high school in about an hour and a half. clinton will be at northwest junior high school to campaign for his wife, democratic
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hillary clinton. this is video of him earlier today in sioux city. he was also in urbandale and marshalltown today. just last week, bill clinton visited the cedar rapids and dubuque areas. coming up on the kcrg-tv9 news at 6, we look at whether his visits are in response to bernie sanders' recent surge in the polls. "i'm going to be here so much in the next 2 weeks you're going toto be sick of me, you're going to say i can't stand him." today, republican presidential candidate donald trump said he's camping out in iowa ahead of the iowa caucuses. he was in urbandale today, arriving in the state after last night's g-o-p debate where he battled it our with fellow front- runner, ted cruz. trump took aim at cruz's citizezehip and presidential eligibility. a texas attorney wants the supreme court to decide if cruz's birth violates the constitution's "natural born citizen" requirement. he was born in canada. his mother is a u-s citizen, but his father was cuban. later in the debate, cruz
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what he called "new york values," claiming it's liberal, and favors abortion and gay marriage, and focuses on money and the media. trump called the statement insulting. and today, new york's mayor asked cruz to apologize. " i think ted crcr actually has created a lot of anger, , t only here, but a lot of people around the country are going to see this as divisive, negative. and i think he owes the people of new york an apology. " today, the new york daily news published a front page illustration of the statue of liberty making an obscene gesture with the headline, "drop dead, ted." u-s stocks dropped sharply today, led by steep declines in energy companies as the prices of oil drops. the price of oil sank below 30 dollars a barrel today. it's trading at its lowest level since 2003. crude oil was selling for more than 100 dollars a barrel in the summer of 2014. that difference has slashed energy company profits. the dow fell an average of 390 points, which was 2 point 4
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the s & p fell 44 points. the dow and s & p are both down 8 point 2 percent since the beginning of the year. the u-s department of agriculture is trying to contain a bird flu outbreak found on a southern indiana turkey farm. the virus is a different strain than the one that killed millions of turkeys and chickens throughout the midwest, including iowa, last summer. the u-s-d-d says this new strain is highly contagious for birds, but no humans have been infected. u-s-d-a officials say they're euthanizing birds, and trying to get the virus under control to prevent ather massive outbreak. michigan's governor wants the federal government to provide clean water to people in the city of flint. flint's tap water became contaminated with lead after the city switched water sources in 2014. now, governor rick snyder is asking for 31 million dollars for a three-month supply of clean drinking water, plus more filters, filter cartridges, and water testing. the details are in the state's application
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searchers have spent the day trying to find 1crew members from two marine helicopters that collided off the coast of hawaii overnight. the u-s coast guard says it happened off the coast of oahu. each helicopter had a crew of six. searchers have spotted debris in an area of ocean ththt spans about two miles. they also found an empty life raft on shore this morning, but no one was onboard. the white house says it's not ready to lift economic sanctions against iran b bause it's not yet sure the country is complying with the new nuclear deal. white house spokesperson josh earnest says iran is making important progress toward curbing its nuclear program. but first, the internrnional atomic energy agency has to verify iran has completed all the steps laid out in the nuclear agreement. u-s officials said earlier this week they thought iran would be ready in the coming days. we have some breaking news into the tv-9 newsroom.
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department has arrested a suspect for attempted murder. officers received a report that a female victim had been shot by a female suspect at 38- 25 20th avenue southwest around 7:30 this morning. police arrested 30- year-old jill sodahl on that attempted murder charge earlier today. after the shooting, offers received a report of a person throwing an object into the pond at jones park. investigators found a handgun. people across the country are paying less for milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products. but those low prices are hurting local dairy farmers. they're getting ready for a rough year.
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shapes up for the next three days. the northwest
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weekend at 15-30 mph which continues to usher in morere and more arctic air. light snow is likely late saturday mainly along and south of highway y . accumulations will be light, but it will blow around and that can cause some slick travel with reduced visibilities for a short period of time. the coldest air arrives on sunday and monday when wind chill values will hover between -30 to 40 at times. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 6-12 winds: nw 15-25tomorrow: chance of snow late high: 6-12 winds: nw 10-20tomorrow night: light snow likely
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winds: nw 10-20sunday: sunny, very cold high: -1 - low: -9 monday: sunny, still cold high: 5 - low: -11 tuesday: chance of snow high: 17 - low: 0 wednesday: partly cloudy high: 25 - low: 15 thursday: chance of snow high: 26 - low: 19 friday: partly cloudy high: 27 - low: 21
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now here's katie wiedemann with a look at what's coming up tonight on the six. "an op-ed article is circulating on social media it claims president
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changes in the federal housing program. find out what the city and the author have to say. " business owners in dubuque say they're worrying about seserity. now, they're working with local law enforcement on a new project to keep shoppers and employees safe. and walmart is closing more than 150 stores in the u-s, affecting thousands of jobs. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9.
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want to know what local police are doing to protect businesses from crime. the dubuque area chamber of
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a new forum that allows business owners to & connect with police. it's called "lights, cameras and actions"--all plural. a recent survey by the chamber shows employee and customer safety is the top concern for local business owners. the new forum will allow small groups of business owners to meet with police to discuss concerns and talk about what police can do to help. "so often we hear, 'why isn't this being done?' or 'why is that not being done?' or 'have they thought of this?' actually so many of those 'have they tried this?' are already going on. " late last year, the city council approved a plan to spend a half million dollars to install more than almost 100 security cameras and dozens of l- e-d lights. walmart is planning to close dozens of stores in the u-s andndnternationall y. it's closing 269 stores total. 154 of those are in the u-s. most of those stores are "walmart express" stores, which are smaller versions of the company's
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the announcement comes three months after walmart's c-e-o said he was reevaluating the company because of increasing competition, especially online. the closures will impact 10-thousand american workers. data show people flocked online to shop this past holiday season. the national retail federation says online sales rose nine percent to 105 billion dollars in november and december. that's higher than the group expected. but the higher online holiday sales numbers highlight challenges for retailers. retail sales rose three percent to about 626 billion dollars during the holiday season. but that was below the three point seven percent gain he retail federation expected. u-s industrial production dropped for the third straight month in december. that's because unusually warm weather caused utilities to reduce output. energy companies also cut back due to falling oil prices. the federal reserve says industrial production declined
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a percent in december. the month before, it dropped almost a full percent, which was the biggest drop since 2009. weakening demand from overseas is hurting u-s factories. low dairy prices mean local dairy farmers are preparing for a sour year. and if prices don't pick up, some iowa farmers might
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dairy prices throughout the country are down compared to this time last year. while that means cheaper milk, cheese and yogurt for you at the store, it's hurting local dairy farmers. the u-s-d-a's weekly dairy report says right now a gallon of milk is averaging two dollars 62 cents. last year, the price was two dollars 92 cents. a pound of cheese averages three dollars 53 cents, down from four-25 a year ago.
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selling now for two dollars and five cents. it was two dollars and 70 cents a year ago. rg t-v nines dave franzman has been checking on the effects on local dairy farmers, and he joins us from our newsroom. dave, how are local farmers dealing with the lower prices? bruce, dairy is an up and down business so basically they're resolved to making less money this year and just hanging on until the cycle reverses. butit's tough. consumers may have seen a 30 cent a gallon drop in the price of milk, but producers are dealing with a 40 percent drop in wholesale prices. bob kettlekamp's dairy herd east of marion produces about the same amount of milk as usual. but an oversupply around the country is hurting his bottom line. milk back in september of 2014 that was bringing in more than 26-dollars per pundred pounds for dairy farmers now sells for less than 14-dollars.
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his hope is low prices take some milk off the market so the business can recover. " hopefully we'll get through this cycle again, it's happened over and over's just the cycles of a free market " kettlekamp says iowa has lost dairy farms... and farmers... over the years. and speed up that process. a relative in wisconsin, who has a small dairy herd, has just made plans to quit. one thing that puzzles some dairy farmers is the market overreaction to overproducti on. but one to two percent too much mililon the market contributed to a 40 percent drop in price to farmers. live in the newsroom, dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. now here's a looat some of what you'll see at 5:30 on a-b-c. coming up, the breaking news money, the plunge on wall street...the major helicopter crash, a dozen marines missing... the passenger jet over america hitting severe
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the noreastern hitting us right now... a lot to get to coming up article claiming it is a satellite city of chicago is untrue. changing city. iowa city is seeing a lot of new representatio n. hear their outlook for the future. tonight at 6 tonight at 6.
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recaing today's top story, iowa city police say staffing the events for presidential candidates is straining their resources. the department has to call in extra officers, who get overtime pay to protect the candidate and the public. sometimes, police e departmenen bill the candidate for their hours. let's go back to joe now for a final look at tonight's forecast. cold, colder, coldest.this is how the weather shapes up for the next three days. the northwest wind continues through the weekend at 15-30 mph which continues to usher in more and more arctic air. light snow is likely late saturday mainly along and south of highway 20. accumulations will be light, but it will blow around and that can cause some slick travel with reduced visibilities for a short period of time. the coldest air arrives on sunday and monday breaking news at this hour, witnesses say gunfire and the sound of explosions erupting at a hotel popular with westerners.
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